RIG Institute Of Hospitality & Management: Shaping Hospitality Leaders Through Hands-On Experience And Holistic Education

RIG Institute Of Hospitality & Management: Shaping Hospitality Leaders Through Hands-On Experience And Holistic Education


RIG Institute of Hospitality & Management is a prestigious institution committed to providing comprehensive hospitality education. With a focus on hands-on experience, practical training, and a holistic approach, RIG Institute prepares students to become future leaders in the dynamic hospitality industry. Approved by NCHMCT and offering full-time degrees from JNU, RIG Institute ensures that students receive a solid foundation for their careers.

Hands-on Experience and Event Organization:

At RIG Institute, we believe in providing practical training opportunities for our students. To enhance their skills and give them a taste of real-world scenarios, we organize events for each holiday on the calendar. Our students actively participate in organizing these events, gaining hands-on experience in event planning, management, and execution. These experiences not only develop their practical skills but also foster creativity, teamwork, and leadership abilities.

Experienced Guest Lecturers and Industry Experts:

To ensure that our students receive the best education, we invite highly experienced guest lecturers from reputed institutes and industry professionals. These experts assess the students' knowledge and guide them on the latest industry trends and practices. Regular interactions with industry experts provide valuable insights and perspectives, enhancing the students' learning experience and preparing them for successful careers.

Sports Facilities and Personal Attention:

At RIG Institute, we recognize the importance of holistic development. Apart from academic excellence, we focus on the overall well-being of our students. We offer sports facilities, including basketball, football, table tennis, and volleyball, to encourage physical fitness and team spirit. Our emphasis on personal attention ensures that each student receives individualized support and guidance, enabling them to become the best version of themselves.

Language Skills and International Exposure:

Communication skills play a vital role in the hospitality industry. To enhance our students' communication abilities, we offer French and English language classes. Proficiency in these languages equips students with the necessary skills to interact effectively with guests from around the world. Additionally, RIG Institute provides options for international training abroad, allowing students to gain exposure to different cultures and hospitality practices, further expanding their global perspectives.

Industry Connections and Visiting Professionals:

RIG Institute maintains extensive industry connections to facilitate students' exposure to real-world scenarios. We regularly host visits from industry experts, including top international hotel professionals such as General Managers, Chefs, and HR Managers. These interactions provide students with insights into industry best practices, trends, and career opportunities, while also building valuable networks for their future endeavors.

Grooming, Personality Development, and Mentoring:

As part of our commitment to holistic education, RIG Institute places significant emphasis on grooming and personality development. We believe that a polished appearance and refined interpersonal skills are crucial for success in the hospitality industry. Renowned Chef Davinder Kumar (Chef DK), Executive Chef at Hotel Le Meridien, mentors aspiring chefs at RIG Institute, providing invaluable guidance and expertise.

International Education Trips and Certification:

To provide students with a global perspective, RIG Institute offers international education trips to countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Switzerland. These trips expose students to international hospitality practices, cultures, and industry standards. Moreover, RIG Institute awards events certificates to students, showcasing their commitment to holistic education and practical training.


RIG Institute of Hospitality & Management is dedicated to shaping the future leaders of the hospitality industry. With a focus on hands-on experience, practical training, industry connections, and holistic education, RIG Institute prepares students for successful careers in this dynamic field. From event organization and guest lectures to sports facilities, language classes, and international exposure, RIG Institute ensures that students develop the necessary skills, knowledge, and global perspectives to thrive in the hospitality industry. Join us at RIG Institute and embark.

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